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Player Information
Player Name Jiora Contact [ profile] jiora | Jiora#0223
AKA Dera of Ecats fame, no one else here atm
Character Basics
Character Name Yuri "Yurio" Plisetsky Series/Canon Yuri!!! On Ice
AU/PG/Canon Point Rage of Bahamut collaboration. Canon up through ep 3 before being whisked to a frozen wasteland mobage Game(s) [community profile] quietmounds
Character Details
Age 15 Hair/Eyes Blond / Green
Height/Weight 163cm/slight (around 110 lb max) Notable Traits Frequently wearing a cape that is sometimes a set of wings, typically pins his hair back with side braids or ponytails
15 Second Summary An angry gold medalist child follows his sports idol who was chasing an almost-one night stand to make him follow through on a coaching promise. Then they all get sucked into a frozen wasteland to fight demons with the power of magical skating.
Quiet Mounds
Living Tidy Living Apartments Working n/a yet
There Since Day 2 Starter Pack The Rebel: Kept the sunglasses
Clothing James Sunderland Cosplay (with tiger stripes)
Also this
(Note that the wings are not present unless otherwise stated)
Abilities & Permissions
Abilities Yurio has a number of powers thanks to the RoB collab he's been pulled from (that I made up because I can find literally no information anywhere on the skills they get). He can summon his wings for flight, which is obviously the most important. He can also cast holy or light elemental attacks, and can use skating specifically to repel unholy or otherwise evil or dark aligned creatures or beings.

He also has a number of support skills! He's able to heal, cast stat buffs, and restore stamina and magic points to people. All of these support skills are tied directly to his emotions (although he may learn to cast them at will later). This means he might need to throw a fit at someone to encourage them to fight harder.
Permissions I am down for so many things. All of the things. Just give me a nudge if you want to inflict violence that would leave more than a bruise so I can make sure I'm not overwhelming castmates or other CR.
Sensing Yuri is a demon type in the RoB class system, so. Yep! Sure is a demon! He is also chock full of holy magic, so make of that what you will.
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Name: Yuri "Yurio" Plisetsky
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 163cm / 5'4"
Weight: Healthy
Medical Info: Very healthy! He's a professional athlete and as a result takes his health seriously since he needs to stay at the top of his game.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond, chin-length
Physical traits: He's a slender teenage boy
What's Okay To Mention Around Them: I'm fine with anything
Effective 5/12/17 (prior to this refer to the power set in his application)

Free Skate
Yuri can skate on any surface without the use of actual skates. This comes with an appropriate speed bump (up to 60 mph on even surfaces like pavement or ice). He can skate without restriction on any solid substance, but skating over liquids will take him some significant training to master and will require steady focus or determination. And skating on air or other gasses is impossible.

Russian Tiger
YURI GETS TO BE A TIGER. Specifically a white Siberian tiger. This power set also comes with a house cat shapeshift that he can use when he doesn't want to incite a panic among natives. Additionally he has the ability to use a roar (or yell while he's still in a human form) that inflicts fear and/or a general repelling effect based on his emotional levels. It's stronger when he's angry, afraid or otherwise feeling intense negative emotions.

Ice Magic
Yurio is able to cast snow balls up to the size of an average snowman base (3-ish feet diameter), cast ice missiles, freeze objects up to the size of a large van, and lower the temperature in a room or comparable space. The latter two effects will be stronger if he uses them on a specific point and grow weaker the more space or surface area he's trying to effect.

Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: He's 100% human with no fancy powers beyond what he recieved from being in MoM.
Can I spit at/step on/etc?: Sure
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Go for it!
Maim/Murder/Death: Yuri is 99.9% sure never going to murder anyone, but if you are interested in maiming or murdering him drop me a line and we can chat about it.

Player: [ profile] jiora
Other Characters: Inanna, Alphonse

Contact Methods: Plurk or PM this journal!
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: I'm PST and work an 8-5 job so best availability is in the evenings. Weekend availability depends on whether I'm doing anything social that weekend
Back Tagging: Yes
Thread Jumping: Go for it.
Comfort Levels: I have an insane tolerance level for all manner of uncomfortable bullshit. If you're unsure, tap me on plurk and we can chat it out

IC Contact

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"Yuri Plisetsky. Not. Yurio. I don't care what that old geezer says!

Leave a message after the beep."


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Let me know how I'm doing with this bad child
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As of 5/12/17 this power set no longer applies.

One of the powers Yurio has is a hypnotic effect that occurs while he's skating. People who see him skate will feel the compulsion to keep watching him and may also feel compelled to protect him—possibly even to a comical extent! That said, it's going to be very hit or miss while he's learning to control it, and as such this is 100% opt-in. If you don't reply here to opt-in, I'll assume it simply isn't in effect with characters you play unless you reference it in your tags.

If you do opt in, effects of the power can include some or all of the following:
-A desire to continue watching him skate
-A sense of infatuation with him
-An urge to protect him
-Actively worrying about threats to him that may or may not actually exist

These effects are all strongest when Yuri is practicing or performing a routine, and low if he's just skating around town. For example someone could be unable to look away from a performance, but would just turn their head to watch him for a block or two skating around town. The feelings of infatuation and protectiveness get more leeway and vary in intensity from person to person—whatever is most fun for you as a player is fine! That's really the goal of the feelings-based effects; something fun for people to play with. :>

Finally! The effect is temporary and will begin to fade out as soon as Yuri stops skating. It's up to players how quick that is. If you want it to instantly stop, that's cool. If you want a slow fade over a few minutes, that's also cool.

Comment here if you'd like your character to be effected by this, or if you have any questions about it.
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For jotting down important canon information from the show
- = canon details
--- = interpretation



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